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Sriracha Enthusiasts Dodge a Bullet

Today, the Los Angles Times reported that the Irwindale City Council voted Wednesday to drop...

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BlogHer Food: It’s a Wrap

Hanging with a bunch of food bloggers, who love to eat, by the way, is...

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BlogHer Food: Thoughts on Day One

Blogger conferences, such as BlogHer Food, are always interesting. If you think about it, most...

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BlogHer Food: A Conference Virgin

I’m off to Miami for the BlogHer Food 2014 conference today. While I have been...

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Thanksgiving Feast: Roger, Redawna, and Me

So, my blogger friend Roger Scouton (Easy Recipes and Stuff) had this brilliant idea after...

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Crackers Recipe: Let’s get Crackering

There's something revolutionary about doing stuff yourself. Make some jam for freedom! Grow your own?...

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  • Yield : 10 Half Pints
  • Cook Time : 20 Min
Peach Preserves
  • Servings : 6
  • Cook Time : 510 Min
Swiss Chard Stew
  • Yield : 8 - 8 oz. or 4 pint jars
  • Cook Time : 120 Min
Apple Butter
  • Servings : 6
  • Cook Time : 12 Min
crackers recipe
  • Servings : 10
  • Cook Time : 150 Min
Super Bowl Chili Recipe
  • Yield : 8 pints
  • Cook Time : 45 Min
Onion Relish Recipe

Community and News

New Look for Caveman Food

It’s been quite some time since we updated Caveman Food. While Sandi and I still...

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Dixon Fruit Market: Yet Another Roadside Attraction

The first thing you notice about the Dixon Fruit Stand is that the local produce...

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Caveman Food: A Year of Eating Local

Today, Caveman Food is one year old. We started this blog as a way to...

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Going Wheat Free

About three weeks ago, I decided to run an experiment by dumping the wheat from...

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So God Made a Farmer

I found this year's Dodge ad to be quite moving, in that it reminded the...

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The Victory Garden of Tomorrow

The Victory Garden of Tomorrow project is the brainchild of Joe Wirtheim, who crafts them...

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